Prohibited items to Japan

Goods with Prohibitions, Controls and Restrictions
  1. Heroin, cocaine, MDMA, opium, cannabis, stimulants, psychotropic substances, and other narcotic drugs (excluding those designated by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Ordinance)
  2. Firearms (pistols, etc.), ammunition (bullets) thereof, and pistol parts
  3. Explosives (dynamite, gunpowder, etc.)
  4. Precursor materials for chemical weapons
  5. Germs which are likely to be used for bio-terrorism
  6. Counterfeit, altered, or imitation coins, paper money, bank notes, or securities, and forged credit cards
  7. Books, drawings, carvings, and any other article which may harm public safety or morals (obscene or immoral materials, e.g., pornography)
  8. Child pornography; and Articles which infringe upon intellectual property rights

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