Shop-For-Me Service

Shop-For-Me Service
  • We Shop Any Online Shop in Japan For You
  • Ship Anywhere Japan Post Can Ship

Use this service when:

  • You don’t understand Japanese, but want to buy from a Japanese online shop
  • You don’t have a credit card that the Japanese online shop accepts

We help you get what you want from Japan delivered to your door!

Step 1 – Register & Send Security Deposit
  • Fill out the “Shop-For-Me Application Form”
    • Provide the URL of the product you want
    • Fill out a separate form for EACH shopIf you want to order from different shops
    • Provide any coupon or promotional codes beforehand
  • The amount due for the purchase will be charged via PayPal. (If you are not able to pay by credit card card please contact us. PayPal charges a 5% handling fee per transaction.)
  • After we receive your security deposit, we make the order for you
Step 2 – Order and Shipping
  • You’ll receive your package within 7-10 days (time varies by shop)
  • Once you receive everything you ordered, we send you an invoice with the shipping and handling costs
  • We ship after we receive your payment

Service Fees
Service Non-Membership Membership
Shop-For-Me Fee
We buy for you, and once we receive it we check if the item matches the one you ordered (size, color)
(Minimum Fee $15.00)
(Minimum Fee $10.00)
Shop and Inspect-For Me Fee
We buy for you, and once we receive it we inspect the item for any defects
(Minimum Fee $19.00)
(Minimum Fee $14.00)
Invoice Handling Fee
We create the invoice to ship to your country
From $5.00 (depends on item quantity)
Return Fee
If you decide to cancel the order after we receive the item
Consolidation Fee
We can bundle and send your items in 1 box
Free for 1 month
(Usual storage fees incurred after 1 month)

Additional Information
  • Separate Insurance fees apply. Please contact us if you want your items shipped with insurance. Otherwise, we ship the items without insurance.
  • Expedited orders for purchasing items on sale may incur extra charges.
  • If the order is cancelled/out of stock due to the online store after order is processed, we will refund the purchase price of the item to you less the minimum Shop-For-Me handling fee.
  • We are not responsible for any order and shipping delay on the part of the online store, and will not be held liable for any loss due to the delay.
  • Provide any coupon or promotional code information to us before we order.
  • We receive payments via PayPal. A 5% handling fee is due to a 5% PayPal processing fee.
  • You are liable for any shipping costs.

Contact Us

Any questions!?

Feel free to contact us. Our professional team is able to handle all your questions whatever you need.